IRON COW 2103 A.D.

Currently out of print but a PDF version can be purchased at The War Game Vault.


Iron Cow 2103AD is a simple but challenging set of fun science fiction wargames rules that are ideal for anyone looking to start wargaming using 6mm (1/300th or Epic) SF vehicles and figures, or for more experienced wargamers who just want a quick simple game that works, without needing to wade through pages and pages of tables, rules, sub-clauses etc.

With a purpose designed background, Iron Cow 2103AD is ideal for anyone who wants a set of rules with which to use the wide variety of excellent 6mm models available from a variety of manufacturers. However the rules are flexible and simple enough to be tailored to any SF background, using whatever SF figures and vehicles you choose...

Ever since I purchased a copy of this game years ago I have been very happy with it. It's simplicity not only allows for a quick and easy game but it also allows much room for expansion with house rules to cover any aspects of warfare that the original rules may not cover. One thing about the game that I was very happy to see was the electronic warfare section. Basically orders issued to units can be jammed or changed with the electronic warfare rules. I especially like the inclusion of this being a formal electronic warfare signal intelligence analyst for the United States Army.

I have created several house rules for Iron Cow 2103 A.D. I have collected them all into a PDF documet titled "...More Cowbell".

I am also working on my own background for playing the game. The one that Steve Blease came up with is great but I just prefer to play in worlds of my own creation when I can. Amazingly the pre-mde background and mine have many similarities. I originally wrote my background in 1994 as a background for a Mekton Role Playing Game campaign that I ran for a long time. It was originally called Earth War 2047 and was about a globe spanning war on Earth and the Sol solar system. I have since then changed that original campaign, changing the time line a bit and rearranging a few things to come up with a background that I like called "201 N.E.: The Colonial Wars" which I intend to make available on the web page when it is completed. It will be the background for my IC2103AD games, Mekton Zeta role playing campaign and I intend to base many of my short stories and a possible novel in this background. I am also working on my first campaign for IC2103AD that will be titled "The Tranquility War".



Here are some other items I have made for the game to make things easier:

Unit Record Sheet: XL sheet with the IC2103AD stat line for units on it. You can have a complete army listed on one sheet.

Order Markers: They may seem a little large but that is because these were made specifically to print out on Shrinky Dink Paper that can be gotten at any Walmart or similar department store. Once they are printed, cut apart and then baked properly they shrink down to nice plastic markers. There are the normal sets of markers and there is an additional sheet that has markers that we used to note ehicles that were damaged via the "Still in it!" house rule that we use.

Regular Order Markers: These are meant to be printed out on card stock and used. I got the originals from the Brigade Models web page and made some minorchanges to them.

...More Cowbell: A small PDF document that includes a system for converting Classic Battletech mechs and some other house rules we use in our games.



Coming Soon!

201 N.E.: The Colonial Wars: Background universe I have created for use in war gaming and RPG environments.

kkkkkkkkkk The Tranquility War: A war over the control of the first garden-planet discovered by mankind outside of the Sol star system.